Terms of Sales

Terms of sales

1. General provisions

Unless expressly and expressly waived by us, any offer made or services performed by FLASHLAB SAS, hereinafter referred to as "the company" as well as any contract or other arrangement resulting from these offers or services, are governed by these Terms and Conditions. The company provides the services upon request and instructions from natural or legal persons (private or public), hereinafter referred to as "the customer". Unless otherwise instructed in writing by the client to the company, no other party has the authority to give instructions to it, particularly as regards the nature and extent of the services requested, the submission of reports or certificates result.

2. Execution of services

The company is committed to carrying out the services with the care and skill that can reasonably be expected from it. In the absence of specific customer instructions, the company will provide the services in accordance with the standard analysis request received from the company, and / or according to standard practice and practices, and / or by any method that the company will consider appropriate according to the technical and operational constraints. The company has no obligation to provide work beyond the specific instructions received from the customer or beyond the principles set out in the previous paragraph. When the company receives documents containing commitments made between the customer and third parties, these are taken into account by the company for information only, and in no case may extend or restrict the services to be provided by the company. society. By agreeing to provide the services, the company does not take the place of the customer or a third party. It does not assume, restrict, cancel or discharge the client from its obligations towards a third party or a third of its obligations towards the customer

a. Services under accreditation

Flashlab performs COFRAC accredited analyzes for all accredited methods within its scope. The accreditation scope of Flashlab is available on the website www.cofrac.fr under No. 1-5765. Flashlab is committed to the quality of the result given the strict and rigorous implementation of the accredited method. In the case where the laboratory can not carry out the analysis strictly respecting the application of the method, the result may not be returned under COFRAC accreditation and the difference is mentioned on the analysis report. The analysis report presents the COFRAC logo if at least one method is applied under accreditation. When a change of method occurs during the performance of the work that has previously been the subject of a contract or an estimate, Flashlab informs the customer who validates the changes.

b. Subcontracting

The company may delegate all or part of the services to a subcontractor, subject to prior approval by the client. The customer authorizes the company to disclose to the subcontractor any information required for the proper performance of the services. In the framework of accredited COFRAC analyzes, the subcontractor laboratory is accredited on the analyzes requested.

c. Analysis reports and transmission of results

The reports issued for sample tests are for these samples only and, therefore, can not be extended to the lot on which they were taken. The analysis report is systematically sent by e-mail as soon as the results are validated according to the client's formal request on the analysis order form, the quote, the agreement or the authorization to transmit the results. The company issues reports or certificates to third parties only at the express written request of the customer, unless implicitly arising from the circumstances, commercial practice or practice.Flashlab warns its customers of the risks involved. of confidentiality related to the use of e-mail. As a consequence the customer is obliged to accept full responsibility except for an address error attributable to Flashlab. The copy of the message sent, kept by Flashlab, serves as proof.

d. Samples after analysis

All samples are kept for a maximum of ten (10) years. After this period, the company no longer assumes any responsibility for samples that are either returned to the customer or destroyed at the sole discretion of the company. If the customer requests the return of the samples, the shipping costs will be at his expense. Any destruction of samples that will require special treatment will be charged to the customer. Any storage of samples beyond the duration of ten (10) years, following customer request, will be billed by the company.

3. Obligations of the client

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide all necessary media, information, documents, instructions and in due time to enable the company to provide the services ordered. The customer will inform the company in writing before any sending of a sample presenting a risk or danger, known or potential, for example the presence of toxic, harmful, explosive, polluting elements for the environment or radiation

4. Billing and payment

Prices not negotiated between the company and the customer, which have not been the subject of an estimate at the time of the order, will be fixed according to the standard tariff in force in the company. In the event of unforeseen expenses occurring during the service, the company will immediately notify the client and wait for approval of the additional cost before continuing and completing the service. In case of refusal by the customer, the latter will nevertheless be required to pay the company the services already performed. Any invoice will be accompanied by a draft at thirty (30) days of invoice date. The customer will accept and return the bill to the company within eight (8) days of receipt. In the absence of acceptance of the draft and the thirty-day period, the company will charge penalties on the basis of 1.5 times the legal interest rate, from the due date to the date receipt of payment. Our invoices are payable by bank transfer. The invoice is considered settled when the amount shown there is credited to the bank account of the company. Since 1 January 2013, any professional buyer in a situation of late payment is automatically liable for a lump sum indemnity for recovery costs in the amount of 40 Euros (Article L. 441-6 Coll.

5. Disputes - litigation

In case of dispute of the results of analyzes by the customer, the latter can not claim more than twice the initial price agreed between the company and the customer. The company may seize any competent court for the recovery of sums owed to it. Recovery costs, including legal fees and related costs will be borne by the client.